If You Want to End Trump’s Cold War Against Cuba, Vote for Joe Biden

As President, Biden Would ‘Reverse the Failed Trump Policies’

Photo by Politico

Donald Trump’s War on Cuba

Cuba is one area of the world where Trump’s policies deserve extra scrutiny and condemnation because of their cruelty.

Obama’s Promise to Bury the Cold War

Obama’s March 2016 trip to Cuba, the first of any US president in 88 years, was a humanitarian as well as a political gesture.

Obama’s Accomplishments in Cuba

Nevertheless, Obama accomplished a remarkable number of changes to the Cuba — US relationship during his two terms in office. He reestablished diplomatic ties, severed since 1961, and reopened a US Embassy in Havana. In 2014 he announced and subsequently carried out cooperation between our two nations on issues of “shared interests,” including “health, migration, counterterrorism, drug trafficking and disaster response.”

US Tourism Benefits Cuba

Perhaps most importantly, Obama made it significantly easier for Americans to travel to Cuba and use their credit and debit cards there. Following Obama’s trip to the island, American tourism to Cuba exploded, powering an economic boom for small business owners of Airbnb style rentals, hotels, and restaurants.

Donald Trump’s One Plan: Destroy Obama’s Legacy

Donald Trump came into the White House with one plan — to destroy everything his predecessor in office had achieved. Top on his list were two of Obama’s signature achievements: The Affordable Care Act and his historic reunification with Cuba. Despite his efforts to destroy the ACA, the law remains in effect — hobbled, but not completely broken. The same is not true of Cuba.

World Opinion Opposes Trump’s Sanctions

In world opinion, the Trump administration is alone in imposing stricter sanctions on Cuba, Levy said. “Trump’s return to sanctions will neither empower any relevant actor in Cuba’s politics nor change the Cuban government’s behavior.”

Joe Biden Represents Hope for Cuba

Given the draconian policies of Trump, the improvements that the Cuban people might experience under a Joe Biden presidency cannot be underestimated. And the benefits to Americans to once again have friendly relations with an island people just 90 miles off the coast of Florida are incalculable.

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