The Higher Voter Turnout Benefited All of Us

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How did Joe Biden do it? What put him over the top? He won by a comfortable margin in Michigan and Pennsylvania and a thinner margin in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia. He ended up with 306 electoral college votes plus 51.1 percent of the popular vote, representing 80 million people, the largest popular vote turnout for any president in US history. Donald Trump got 232 electoral votes plus 47.2 percent of the popular vote, or 73.8 million votes.

Biden’s victory is commonly attributed to the strong turnout by Black voters, particularly Black women. While that is true, what brought Joe Biden to victory was a coalition that included Black and Latino voters as well as white working class men and white suburban women who had abandoned Trump.

McConnell Forges Ahead with Plan to Declare Trial Unconstitutional

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After Donald Trump’s historic second impeachment for inciting insurrection against his own country, then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell argued to delay the Senate impeachment trial. Apparently, he had one unstated objective in mind. Scheduling the trial to be held after President Joe Biden’s inauguration would ensure that Donald Trump would no longer be in office. The Republicans could then argue that a president no longer in office should not be subject to an impeachment trial.

The Republicans carried out McConnell’s plan Jan. 26, when Sen. Rand Paul took a procedural vote in the Senate on a motion to “declare the trial unconstitutional,” Politico reported. The motion failed because of Democratic opposition, but 45 Republicans voted in favor. Politico noted that the House needs “at least 17 Republican senators in order to secure a conviction.” Since only five Republicans voted with the Democrats, Sen. …

The Inauguration

Kamala Harris Makes History as 1st Black, Female VP

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Evan Vucci, Associated Press

After four long years of the most divisive presidency in American history, Donald Trump — the first president to skip the inauguration of his successor — retreated to Mar-a-Lago while Joe Biden called for unity and healing in his inaugural address as the 46th president of the United States. And for the first time in recent history, a president used his inaugural address to target systemic racism.

Biden’s call for unity — while optimistic — did not sugarcoat the difficulty of bringing a nation together that is so divided along racial, class, and political lines. …

House Impeaches President a Second Time to “Save America”

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Hubris is a dangerous cocktail of overconfidence, overambition, arrogance and pride fueled by power and success. When found alongside contempt for the advice and criticism of others, hubris causes leaders to significantly overreach themselves, taking risky and reckless decisions with harmful, sometimes catastrophic consequences for themselves, their organizations, institutions, and even for society. Eugene Sadler-Smith, Jan. 20, 2017

Hubris. In the end, that is what brought about the downfall of President Donald J. Trump. History will forever judge the Trump presidency as a catastrophe. He will be remembered as the only president in the nation’s history to have been impeached twice and the only president impeached on charges of insurrection against his own country. On Jan. …

Mike Pompeo Puts Cuba Back on the State Sponsor of Terrorism List

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As President Donald J. Trump faces a second impeachment and prepares to leave the White House in disgrace, apparently he wanted to leave something behind — perhaps a consolation prize — for his loyal Cuban-American supporters in Miami. Why not lash out at Cuba, always an easy target for the right-wing?

Accordingly, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “designated Cuba a state sponsor of terrorism…in a last-minute foreign policy stroke that will complicate the incoming Biden administration’s plans to restore friendlier relations with Havana,” the New York Times reported.

The charge is that Cuba supports “international terrorism.” As usual, the Trump administration offered no solid evidence to back up its claim, just a collection of out-of-date grievances. In fact, as part of President Barack Obama’s historic rapprochement with Cuba, he had removed Cuba from the list. …

Without Checks on the Executive Branch, This Could Happen Again

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Photo by Kenny Holston for the New York Times

For those of us who have made the D.C. metro area our home and consider ourselves to be “Washingtonians,” the national news has always dominated the headlines and shaped our perspectives. Political events literally form the backdrop of our lives. As a Washingtonian with a long memory, I’ve observed everything, from the assassinations of political figures such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to the routine murders of Black people by police that prompted the Black Lives Matter movement. Nevertheless, I sat in shock as I watched live coverage of a pro-Trump mob violently forcing its way into the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. …

She Recalls Women’s Struggle for Equal Rights

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Photo: Joe Biden and his Daughter Ashley on Nov. 7, MSNBC

In his first address as President-elect Nov. 7, Joe Biden promised to serve the country with humility and compassion and unify the nation following one of the most divisive periods of American history. “Let this grim era of demonization in America begin to end — here and now,” Biden said.

Biden called on Democrats and Republicans in the electorate and in Congress to set aside their differences, see each other as fellow Americans — not enemies — and agree to cooperate. That’s a tall order after four years of Donald Trump, who expertly exploited our divisions — based on race, class, gender, religion, politics, and economic standing — for his own personal gain. …

Joe Biden wins as some white voters abandon Trump and Black voters turn out in large numbers

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Photo by CNBC

Arguably the worst president in modern American history, Donald Trump has finally become what he hates the most — a loser. Joe Biden became the President elect by a slim margin as alienated white Trump supporters abandoned him, and Black voters turned out for in large numbers. After the media announced the victory on Jan. 7, an emotional Van Jones on CNN said, “This is vindication for a lot of people!”

The Longest Vote Count in History?

As the hours turned into days that felt like weeks, poll workers counted the votes. The massive numbers of votes that arrived by mail meant an agonizing wait for the results of the 2020 US presidential election, the first such US election in modern history to be held during a pandemic. By Nov. 7, it had become clear to all that Joe Biden’s victory was not the landslide many Democrats had desired. It was not a blue wave. Nevertheless, the margin of victory was comfortable in the battleground states of Michigan and Pennsylvania. …

He Continues to Shape the Future of the Democratic Party

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Photo by Author: Bernie Sanders at SEIU Campaign Event in DC 11/14/19

Despite the best efforts of some mainstream Democrats to sideline Sen. Bernie Sanders, he continues to make his mark on the Democratic Party and the 2020 presidential election. Since he left the race, Bernie has kept his promise to campaign continually for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris while encouraging young people to vote. He understands clearly what’s at stake. On Sept. 24, Bernie told Rachel Maddow on MSNBC that he was seriously concerned that President Trump might claim a false victory and seize office.

“This is an election between Donald Trump and democracy,” Bernie said, “and democracy must win!”

On Oct. 29, Bernie appeared on a live Facebook event with Sen. Kamala Harris to promote the Biden/Harris ticket. Those who worked so hard to undermine his standing may be surprised to see how many loyal supporters he still has and how his influence on party politics continues to grow. …

The Moderator and New Rules Produce a Real Presidential Debate

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Thanks to the masterful moderating skills of NBC correspondent Kristen Welker, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden actually debated important issues at the second and final 2020 presidential debate, held in Nashville Oct. 22. That was the most notable achievement of the night, a feat accomplished by one of the few women of color to have ever moderated a presidential debate. New rules established after Trump’s unhinged performance during the first debate meant that the mics of both candidates were muted during the first two minutes of each topic. …


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